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Embrace the Journey of Angel Network

The Encubay Angel Network is formed to encourage more women to explore angel investing as an asset class and unlock the huge potential of funds that rest with women & men who are keen to invest in diverse founders. We are inclined towards supporting investing in women-led ventures through access to over 60% of diversity-focused deal flow. 

Women investors have earned around


more returns every year as compared to their male counterparts, the best returns in 2020.

India has about 10,000 angel investors and only


of these are women.

- Lets Venture Report 2021

Total deal value for companies led by female founders hit a record in 2020, the number of deals dropped


compared to 2019

Investing in Women

$3 Tri+


Working on Laptop

The investment ecosystem lacks women, who are a large part of the ecosystem. To make angel investing an asset class for women, bringing in x people. 60% of the portfolio will be diverse founders, enabling startups to get diverse mentors. 


Join the Encubay Angel Network to initiate or accelerate your Angel Investment journey. 

Begin and continue your Angel investing journey

Get access to women-led and inclined start-ups globally

Gain access to investment resources and advice from experienced angel investors


Portfolio Companies


Founding Team

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